Art Therapy Hong Kong offers confidential and professional therapy to children, teens, adults, couples, and families who are seeking to improve their lives.

Art Therapy Hong Kong provides a safe, confidential setting in which clients are encouraged to explore their concerns through the creative process, enabling internal feelings and emotions to be externalized into visual form.   In the process the art therapist and client work together in partnership to understand the art product made in each session as it pertains to their life.  Deeper insight into one’s situation/ or issue leads to the ability to problem solve, and make change to one’s life, thus easing emotional conflict and distress. This process helps them navigate through difficult areas of their lives.

The therapeutic process enables clients to reach a fuller potential, by envisioning/ living a more balanced harmonious life. Through the therapeutic relationship, emotional, psycho-social and developmental needs are addressed with the intention of effecting  lasting change.