Arts Therapy for Children

Children are easily drawn to making art and other expressive means, as it is a natural form of communication for them and innate in our human development. Most children love to paint, model with clay, play, engage in drama/dance and so the creative arts are a natural conduit to enable personal change and easy for children to engage in.

Arts therapy  encompasses a range of  creative modalities (ie) visual art, poetry, and also music and play as a means for personal expression and through this creative process communication channels open up and children can begin to talk about things they may not normally share through traditional verbal therapy.  It like going to a special person to help to express through art, a special feeling place where you can come and play and be yourself.  Art Therapy is a fantastic way to build up self-esteem in children, and through parent-child sessions bonding can be strengthened. Art therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy, where art making plays a significant importance. It is fun, engaging, as well as meaningful and deep, according to the needs of the client.