What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy in which art and image-making play a central role within the therapeutic relationship. It is a predominantly nonverbal means of psychotherapy. Art therapy is about using art as a tool for communication, and through the therapeutic relationship, emotional and developmental needs can be addressed with the intention of effecting lasting change. The practice of art therapy involves the process of self-exploration within a safe and non-judgmental environment, supported by a trained art therapist who engages in a client–therapist relationship. The art therapy process enables individuals to begin to help themselves through a process of exploration and self- discovery.

It is the expression through working with art materials that leads to exploration and, as a result, adjustment to life and well-being can be achieved. Art therapy activates the the problem solving function of the brain.  If a person can imagine a problem then he/she can imagine a solution.   Art therapy can enable a person to envision solutions to their problems, however big or small.

Art therapy is beneficial to adults who are pursuing creative personal growth, as well as adults with difficulties, such as depression, emotional disturbances, stress and anxiety, marriage and family problems, mid-life crisis, chronic illness, and other life challenges. Art in therapy, adding to the above-mentioned benefits, is particularly helpful to adults when words cannot reach what is inside their inner world.